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Taka in the kitchen


Taka first came to the Netherlands in 2008 for an office job, only to soon find out he could not easily enjoy a good bowl of ramen or street food. After 1 year, he had to return to Tokyo and started working at different restaurants to learn, never forgetting about his dream to have his own place.
In 2012 he returned to the Netherlands and started selling ramen, first at Waterlooplein, then moving to Toko Dun Yong, de Jordaan and back to Toko Dun Yong. Every year Taka returns to Japan to visit family and learn more about ramen to perfect his own ramen recipe.

Come and try Taka's creations at Toko Dun Yong in Amsterdam near the Nieuwmarkt or at his 2nd ramen-ya near Gelderlandplein.

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  • ラーメン | RAMEN

  • しょうゆラーメン | Shouyu Ramen

    A full flavoured soy sauce tare based ramen with a chicken and pork based broth.

  • 味噌ラーメン | Miso Ramen

    Slightly spicy miso based ramen with a chicken and pork based broth.

  • ベジラーメン | Veggie Ramen

    A vegetarian and animal friendly ramen using miso as it's base.

  • 担々麺 | Tan Tan Men

    Taka's own take on the Dan Dan Mian noodles, quite spicy with a sesame based tare.

  • 焼きそば | YAKISOBA

  • 焼きそば | Yakisoba

    *only at "& street food" establishments

    Stir-fried noodles with diced chicken, vegetables and the salty, sweet and sour yakisoba sauce. Topped with a bit of QP mayonnaise and seaweed snippets.

  • ベジ焼きそば | Veggie Yakisoba

    *only at "& street food" establishments

    Same as above, but without the chicken and with extra vegetables and kimchi on the side.

  • おかず | SIDE DISHES

  • 鶏ギョーザ | Tori Gyoza

    Dumplings filled with chicken, cabbage and chives.

  • キムチギョーザ | Kimchi Gyoza

    *only at "& street food" establishments

    Slightly spicy vegetarian dumplings filled with napa cabbage, kimchi, onion, leek and many other veggies.

  • 鶏のから揚げ | Chicken Karaage

    *only at "& street food" establishments

    Pieces of juicy chickn deep-fried until crispy.

  • たこ焼き | Takoyaki

    *only at "& street food" establishments

    Balls made of flour and dashi stock with pieces of octopus inside and a little ginger. Topped with QP mayonnaise, a sweet soury sauce and bonito flakes.

  • キムチ | Kimchi

    Spicy Korean fermented napa cabbage and other vegetables.

  • 枝豆 | Edamame

    Boiled young green soy beans in pods.


What People Say...

This is more like homemade food than restaurant food! And I mean that as a compliment! The broth of the ramen is very umami, the noodles very chewy. Yeah this is really as good as it gets. Prepare to stand in line though



I was 2 days in Amsterdam and went to this restaurant both days—the food is amazing, the service was great and the atmosphere is very comfortable! I had a lovely view next to the window where I sat.



The ramen was rich and soothing. Exactly what we yearned for. Definitely recommend the Karaage as a side dish.



Came from Japan and when I tried this place I didn’t expect it would be good, but I was wrong. The ramen is excellent from the broth to the noodles. The kimchi was a tasty addition to it. Loved it and I will definitely come back to this place again.





Taka Ramen Nieuwmarkt

Toko Dun Yong 4th Floor
Stormsteeg 9
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Taka Ramen & Street Food Buitenveldert

(next to Gelderlandplein)
Willem van Weldammelaan 4
1082 KV Amsterdam

020-737 2262

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